artist statement

Multistable Perception

I am a painter who oscillates between two poles. On one side there is the process of deep soul searching through intuitive, fluid, organic painting, and on the other is the exploring the aesthetic possibilities offered by repetition and precision. Patterns conceived of color, lines, and simple geometrical shapes encompass a haptic quality of the image. The link between the two is the pursue of a distinct visual experience of multistable perception. The carefully calibrated compositions of my works invite you to consider the planes of reality from which the works originate. The perception is best described as an experience that evokes a sense of otherworldliness.

I intend for my paintings to be open to interpretation and to evolve and grow with time and different audiences.

I work with acrylic, oil, charcoal, pens, pencils, tape, and my own hands.

Social and Artistic Awareness

The imagery of my paintings is abstract yet his inspiration is very much rooted in reality. Society and its flaws are impossible to ignore, especially for me as an artist who wants to provoke a profound emotional response from his viewer. My newer works explore the questions of the future of human society, science, and technology. I believe that technological singularity is inevitable and the only solution for the continuation of the human race. The endless geometric utopian architectural imagery refers to the future habitats where humans and technology are one.

National Success

I exhibited extensively in group and solo shows across the Netherlands and my works belong to numerous private collections around the world, notably in Holland, Italy, Spain, and the United States.


  • 2020 “Open NDSM”, Art City NDSM, Amstertdam,
  • 2019 “Open NDSM”, Art City NDSM, Amstertdam,
  • 2016 “Summer Show” gallery Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam,
  • 2015 “OAN”, Amsterdam
  • 2015 “Summer Show” gallery Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam
  • 2015 “Sous Terran”, Aalsmeer
  • 2015 “NDSM Open”, Amsterdam
  • 2014 “De Roest”, Amsterdam
  • 2014 “NDSM Open”, Amsterdam
  • 2013 ITW, NDSM, Amsterdam
  • 2012 Rudolf Gallery, Amsterdam
  • 2012 “De Queeste”, Heerde
  • 2010 “Gallery What is Happening Here”, Amsterdam.
  • 2010 “ArtStone Works Gallery” Almere
  • 2009 ScArt- Multimedia art project of “ScART” ITW, NDSM where I personally organized this event and I invited 16 international artists
  • 2003 “Rudolf Gallery”, Amsterdam – 2002 “Agora Gallery”, New York