Vladimir Hristov

contemporary artist

Feel free to send me an email or give me a call regarding pricing and availability of any painting.

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Studio address: NDSM Plein 45, 1033 WC, Amsterdam. Take a stroll and come to visit my studio at NDSM, the most exciting place in Amsterdam. Whenever I am there the door is open.


the artist
Amsterdam based painter

I was born and raised (1969) in Skopje, North Macedonia in artistic family. There I graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts- Skopje. I moved from North Macedonia to the Netherlands in 1998 and since then I live and work in Holland with my girlfriend and our two sons. I work in my studio at NDSM in Amsterdam Noord, the creative and artistic hotspot in Amsterdam. I am always open and ready for new exhibiting opportunities and/or organizing art events for you and your company or clients. More about this, or about your ideas please sent me an email down the page...


"When I am working, I’m entering “the special place" where my physical being cease to exist and my subconscious mind takes the control.”

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